Installation -Stairs

Team: Zihao, Jiayang, Peiqi, Yangyang

Interaction: Stairs is a design to trigger the interaction and fun. Smart as fairy lights follow the user up and down stairs and move, change color. Flashing and moving spots on the stairs, create an vivid atmosphere as well as help users distinguish the front steps in the dark environment and experience the fun and sense of security.
Hardware: Arduino Mega ,Ultrasonic Sensor, Projector, Mirror Software: Arduino, Processing

Technique: 12 ultrasonic sensor are placed at one side of the stairs to detect the target(person) posit

ion. By Arduino Mega integrated circuits, detect and select the minimum in sesor date in order to increase the accuracy of the experience of those positions and transmiss position data to Processing. Processing receives data and project and map as animation. Finally through the mirror- like re ection, animati

on projects onto the stairs , and reaches the footsteps of those who experience interaction effect.