Materialized age


systematic cause

discourse worldview

myth metaphor

-Causal layered analysis
Someone want to change his age

Company believe the person can not do the job. Hr think the person is old

For most people, aging equals to unqualified competence

Younger is more energetic for basic work. elder is more experienced for leadership.

Based on the trend of aging society and a recent news: The Dutch man wants to change his age because he feels that he has not received equal treatment, I assumed that the future of age, as the outcome of CLA analysis is that you can choose your own age in the future. The choice is not arbitrary, but it is chosen among the chronological age, the biological age, and the mental age.

I used arduino and grasshopper to build a test method that takes data related to three different ages as input, and the output objects aims to provoke an emotional bond. For example, the test of biological age will involve gyroscope sensor, humidity sensor, passive buzzer and button, 1 digit display and potentiometer. These different sensors and module will involve the stability and accuracy of the hand; the accuracy and memory of vision; and a few other sensory-based tests. The data obtained corresponds to the color, the degree of distortion of the form, and the skeletonization of the form.

chronological age

mental age

Biological age