Mimesis - Thesis project

Digital profiling is the process of gathering and analyzing information that exists online about an individual. Platforms who provide services always have control of this powerful tool. As a result, I used Twitter API as the principle medium to conduct 'digital profiling' as a third party. The visual identity of the new digital profile is not an ads interest list anymore, but a graph that stores personal information that could be used as an avatar. On top of the new visual identity, I speculated several possible applications of the new visual outcome. The idea put forward in this thesis is that shifting the purpose of digital profiling toward being human-centered rather than advertising-driven may draw worthwhile arguments about the practicality and policy issues. My point is to demonstrate my future vision or wish for this technology and propose a mutually beneficial strategy for tech companies.
mimesis is a thesis project initiated and developed by Yangyang Ding. It is a speculative design project. Yangyang is a master’s degree candidate in Industrial Design at RISD. His thesis advisory committee consists of Agatha Haines, Minkyoung Kim, and Nic Schumann. Also special thanks to Paolo Cardini and Benjamin Vu.

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Quick view of Design outcome

Mimesis 1.0

Alternative visual representation of digital profile based on sentiment analysis result
Mimesis generator: Mimesis1.0

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2020 March 5 - 2020 April 27

Bernie Sanders

2020 March 12 - 2020 April 27

Donald Trump

2020 April 23 - April 30

Trevor Noah

2019 November 1 - 2020 April27

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

2020 April 18 - 2020 April 27

Guggenheim Museum

2020 February 14 - 2020 April 28

Barack Obama

2019 April 15 - 2020 April 27

Elon Musk

2020 April 16 - 2020 April 28

Mimesis 2.0

Speculative alternative visual representation of digital profile based on cluster analysis result
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