Pronunciation tools

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Yangyang Ding designs metal tools to help Mandarin speakers pronounce English sounds

In the future, the linguistic diversity in the world has almost vanished. Everyone could speak one or more ‘international language’. Those who speak ‘international language’ as their second language are also trying to speak just as fluent as those who speak ‘international language’ as their  first language.

The majority of people in China remain using mother language - mandarin in their daily life. Although they began to learn English(one of the ‘international language’) when they are young, they lacked daily practice. Their innate ability to utter various pronunciation in other languag was lost at the same time. What they are capable to utter is only to serve daily language - mandarin. Among those who want to go abroad, a set of intrusive tools that go into their mouth became popular. Those people use it to help pronounce perfect English.

This set of tools is designed to dissolve the difference between Chinese and English pronunciation. The tools focus on dealing with the relationship between lips, tongue and the front side of the upper and lower jaws. For example, the tool #10 is a handle connected to a semicircle made of steel wire. Tool #10 is specifically designed to help pronounce the sound of /ei/. As for usage, the user needs to open the mouth and then place both sides of the semicircle in between the upper left and right gums and lips. After being placed, the user’s lips are always in a horizontal rectangle shape, which is the shape needed for the /ei/ sound.

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