Also credit to Zihao, Qizhe, Yxin, Chen, Xinyue, Peiqi

Y——YOU is constructed by using corrugated paper intricate folding into Y form. The single Y stand for connection.
O——Integrated every ve Y, construct a open or closed O-negative space
U——To use a constructional element in U form as the conjunction between two single

Overlap of the positive and negative forms, changes in the number of monomer, creating 2 polyhedron space, and 1 open curved space, smart and free. You is different from traditional building doors and Windows clear function indicates, which needs to stay indoor and outdoor communication space, you can even borrow aided means (such as an umbrella)
to achieve the space open and close. YOU both passion and independence, together with the surrounding buildings, constitute a diverse and homogeneous communities, built for each of you.